Serving The People of Sport
(free of charge)

Our service-team of Chaplains are here to serve you. Various sports-chaplains at your service for personal talks by chat, advices, just company or counselling.  All of our chaplains are sports related. We provide various excellent services. Please connect us with QR code or phone +49 172 671 5368.

Dean Grube

+49 1726715368

Christoph Müller (only online)

+49 173 3243611

Biljana Schmitt-Lechner

+49 1590 1632711

Lena Stede

+49 171 8432028

Janna Stücher

+49 176 62807748

Steffi Hartmann

+49 174 9243989

You need help by the tournament desk?

During these challenging times, we would like to support you in many ways.  One way is to get something for you if needed.  Please contact the Tournament Desk till 5 p.m. each day and inform them of the item/items you need and leave the approximate amount for your purchase.

+49 178 8753810

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